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Test Type Capabilities Specifications Number of Chambers Largest Chamber/ Test Specimen Size
Accelerated Aging Test samples up to 3' cube MIL-STD, ASTM, UL 50 3 9'x9'x9'
Accelerated Weathering Coupons ASTM, UL 50 1 QUV and Atlas
Acceleration 200 lb. to 200g, total load up to 800 lb. within a 3' cube MIL-STD RTCA/DO-160 1 10'
Air Conditioning   Texas School Bus Specifications (page 54)   55'Lx24Wx16'H
Altitude -15,000 feet to 100,000 feet MIL-STD, ASTM, RTCA/DO-160,
UL 50
5 12' diameter x 24' length
Bench Handling Less than 200 lb. MIL-STD, RTCA/DO-160 N/A N/A
Data Acquisition Up to 120 channels, up to 5,000Hz sample rate.  Measurements include temperature, humidity, altitude, voltage, pressure, and frequency. N/A N/A N/A
Degrees of Protection (IP-Codes) OR Ingress Protection (IP) IPX1 thru 1PX8 NEMA 250 and IEC 60529, UL 50 2 N/A
Dust Up to vehicle size, up to 70 mph, dust concentrations up to 10grams per ft3 MIL-STD, Telcordia, ASTM, RTCA/DO-160, IEC, UL 50 2 55'Lx24Wx16'H
Electrical ESD and Hipot testing RTCA/DO-160 N/A N/A
ESD Air discharge and contact discharge.  Test voltage is from 0.5 to 30 kV.  Positive and negative output polarity.   Customer specifications N/A N/A
Explosive Atmosphere -2,000 to 80,000 feet, N-hexane, Avgas MIL-STD, RTCA/DO-160, ASTM 1 4'diameter x5' length
Explosive Decompression Sea level to 85,000 feet MIL-STD, RTCA/DO-160 3 9' cube
Fatigue Numerous types of fatigue testing including cycles, loads, and torsion.  Custom fixtures are available. Customer specifications N/A N/A
Fire/ Flammability Samples or coupons RTCA/DO-160 1 1.5'x1'x2'
Fluids Susceptibility/ Contamination Any fluids/ compounds MIL-STD, RTCA/DO-160,
UL 50
6 8'x8'x16'
Fungus Up to 6 different spores MIL-STD, Customer Spec 3 4'x4'x4'
Freezing Rain Air speed up to 70mph, accumulations up to 1/2'" per hour MIL-STD, RTCA/DO-160 1 55'Lx24Wx16'H
HALT & HAST Rate of change up to 30C/min and vibration up to 16grms Customer specifications 1 4' cube
Humidity Humidity levels from 10-100% RH.  Temperature ranges from  0-100C (32-212F). MIL-STD, Telcordia, ASTM, RTCA/DO-160, IEC 8 55'Lx24Wx16'H
Ice Accumulated clear ice up to 2" MIL-STD, RTCA/DO-160,
UL 50
1 55'Lx24Wx16'H
Lifting Details Up to 80,000 lb.. Telcordia 1 Up to 80,000 lb.
Overpressure Up to 15 PSI MIL-STD, RTCA/DO-160 4 9'x9'x9'
Ozone Up to 1,000 ppm MIL-STD, ISTA, ASTM, Telcordia 3 8'x8'x16'
Package Up to 2,000 lb., palletized and boxes ASTM, ISTA, MIL-STD 2 4'x6'
Rain Up to 15" per hour rainfall rate. Can be combined with up to 70mph wind. Telcordia, MIL-STD, RTCA/DO-160, UL 50 3 9' square
Reliability Demo (Vibration with Temperature) Temperature rate of change up to 25C per minute. Sine or random vibration up to 30grms MIL-STD, NAVMAT 2 4'x4'x5'
Salt Fog/Salt Spray Up to 10% salt solution MIL-STD, Telcordia, ASTM, RTCA/DO-160, IEC, UL 50 3 20'x12'x12'
Sand  Sand concentrations up to 10grams per ft3 and up to 70 mph wind. MIL-STD, Telcordia, ASTM, RTCA/DO-160, IEC 2 55'Lx24Wx16'H
Seismic Loads up to 20,000 lb. Telcordia, AC156, IEEE, Customer Specs 2 15'x15' pad
Shock Up to 3,500g, half sine, saw tooth, trapezoid MIL-STD, Telcordia, ASTM, RTCA/DO-160, IEC 7 up to 400 lb.
Solar Radiation Up to 1120 w/m2 MIL-STD, Telcordia, IEC 3 55'Lx24Wx16'H
Steam and Powerful Jet Up to 3,000 PSI UL 50, Customer N/A N/A
Submersion Up to 100 PSI MIL-STD, Telcordia, UL 50 2 28" deep x 30' diameter
Temperature -100C to +350C All specifications 18 55'Lx24Wx16'H
Thermal Shock Air to air with ambient stop, and liquid to liquid. MIL-STD, Customer specifications, IEC, SAE, ASTM, BS EN 60068 3 2.5' cube
Transportation Simulation Loose cargo, bounce, bump, truck vibration, drop, incline impact, and compression.  Up to 4,000 lb., boxes up to 4'x8' footprint MIL-STD, ISTA, ASTM, IEC 2 4'x8' footprint            Up to 4,000 lb.
Vehicle and Ambulance Type I, II, and III, and AD ambulances, buses, fire trucks, Bradley, Hummvee KKK-A-1822F/AMD, MIL-STD 2 55'Lx24Wx16'H
Vibration 100g, 1.25" displacement , from 1 to 3,000Hz. 10g, 12" displacement from .5 to 100Hz All specifications 8 loads to 2,000 lb.
Water Ingress Stream nozzles up to one inch, flow rate 75 gallons per minute.  Droplet tests from fine mist to 10mm droplet size IP N/A N/A
Waterproofness Stream nozzles up to one inch, flow rate 75 gallons per minute.  Droplet tests from fine mist to 10mm droplet size BS EN 60068, MIL-STD, RTCADO/160 N/A N/A
Wind 100+ mph MIL-STD, Telcordia 2 Up to 6' square
Wind Driven Rain 70 mph and 15" per hour MIL-STD, Telcordia 2 Up to 6' square
Noise Level   KKK-1822,
Operator Level Test

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